Hello everybody!

This is a cooking blog full of Greek traditional cooking secrets, recipes from all over the world, fresh cooking ideas and endless inspiration! From appetizers, soups and pasta dishes to traditional Greek creations and a lot of baking!

Living permanently in the Netherlands as a Greek made me realize the major differences between the Dutch and Greek cuisine, but also the uniqueness in food that characterizes both countries. Living in this whole new environment, I have witnessed my inspiration in cooking flourish. But also because I have lived in Sydney and Turkey, I combine in my recipes all this diversity I have explored through my travels. And with that Greek temperament, you know that the food is going to be good!

Being a constant traveler in life, I have seen many different cuisines, tasted many different meals, desserts and drinks. But I never really thought cooking was something for me. Then I met the right person that showed me what cooking really is. A delightful, fulfilling and necessary need for humans, an unspoken pleasure, a devoted procedure, but most of all an inspiration. So here I am 4 years later, sharing my knowledge and passion with you, but mostly COOKING for you!

Most of the recipes you will find here are inspired by my Greek heritage and my mother’s cooking, who first and foremost taught me the importance of cooking a good meal. She showed me throughout the years that cooking needs patience, devotion and love. Even if I was just helping her when I was growing up, without really doing something on my own, she really passed on to me the passion and ‘duty’ of evolving a good recipe into a great one. This blog is made with love and care and its goal is not only to promote the traditional Greek recipes, but also to bring them to life with a new and fresh viewpoint. Along with that, you will witness my attempts with baking and creating my own unique recipes. Browsing through my blog will also make you realize my immense love for Asian and Italian cuisine!

Enjoy the food travel!

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there! love your blog, and I’d like to use one of your photos. I found you through a google image search, and according to search tools there, you allow your photos to be reused by others. I’m going to apply the CC BY license to give you credit, but if you use a different one, let me know and I’ll update! Thanks, such gorgeous work.

  2. Oh thank you so much..! Yes you can use my photo 😀 Which one by the way and where if I may ask? And thanks for the credit too, I really appreciate it! Have a great day 🙂

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