Lime and Ginger Water

This refreshing drink was actually created in my kitchen by accident! I have always been reading about how healthy and detoxing is for your body to drink every morning a glass of squeezed lemon, but I never actually enjoyed doing it since I am really sensitive with sour taste (yes, I know). So, it was a torture for me to drink lemon juice in this way. However, from the moment I discovered lime, I realized this is the only citrus fruit that I actually enjoy using! So why not make a drink out of it? I began experimenting and soon I started putting mint leaves in the drink. I don’t remember how I thought of using ginger, but the moment I did was a revelation! I started cutting it in small pieces, but I saw its taste was barely there (I am ignorant with ginger in general) and then I remembered I had to grate it. And then tada (!) Lime and Ginger Water was created! It is so refreshing and perfect for the hot summer days or to offer as a refreshment to your friends. If you try it, please let me know at the comments below 😀

lime ginger water-31

Prep. Time: 5 min, Yields up to 4 medium glasses.
Ingredients (for 1 liter)
Juice from 1 lime
2cm ginger, grated
Some blueberries
Fresh mint (optional)

Fill your bottle with some water and pour in the lime juice.
Peal the skin off the ginger and grate it. Use a tea filter to squeeze the juice out or if you don’t have, take a big spoon, lay the grated ginger on top of it and with the back of another spoon, squeeze the juice in your bottle (traditional way, also discovered by chance).
Add some fresh mint leaves for some extra taste (optional). Add some blueberries (or any other berry) to the glasses and serve with some ice cubes. It is ideal if you consume it immediately, since it tends to lose its freshness after a day has passed.

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