Banana Yogurt Smoothie

And I am back! It’s been a while since I uploaded a recipe, but trust me it has been busy (I also had to experience an intense moving two months ago) and keeping up a food blog with unique content is a challenge when the schedule is full. Many people have been complaining about my online cooking absence and I realized that the blog has some really serious fans out there! That makes me extremely happy and motivates me to go on! That was the moment I decided to keep it simple (and real) with one recipe per week or every two weeks (mostly in the weekends) and continue doing what I actually really like; cooking and photographing for you guys!


This small relaunch is a very easy smoothie that I do quite often in the mornings if time allows me to. Bananas are a great source of energy which you need in the morning in order to function properly throughout the day. But I am not a nutritionist and I will not begin analyzing why bananas, yogurt and pecans are good for you. At this point you just need to trust me on that 😀 And beyond that, this smoothie does not require you to use 24325 different superfoods of extremely rare tropic fruits and actually spend more money & time than you should for a smoothie. The ingredients are simple and accessible and making it is super easy and fast! Of course you can always replace pecans with another type of nuts of your preference. Make it nice and enjoyable for yourself and above all enjoy! Glad to be back people 😀

Equipment: blender
Prep. Time: 5 min, Yields one big glass.

2 bananas
3 tbsp Greek yogurt
½ cup non-fat milk
20gr pecan nuts
fresh mint for garnish and extra taste


Peel the bananas and put them in a blender. Make sure they are not too raw or too ripe. A normal banana density will keep your smoothie from becoming too thick or too soft.

Add the yogurt and the pecans and blend till smooth.

Garnish with some fresh mint! Consume it immediately.


Here is a glimpse of next week’s post! Already know what it could be?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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