Honey Roasted Parsnip and Garlic

For those who might don’t know – because I also didn’t know – parsnip is long tapering cream-colored root with a sweet flavor, similar to carrots – but still with a unique taste. Parsnips are now in season which means you can find them easily. They are great raw, as a side dish or just plain with some yogurt. Roasted Parsnip are very easy to prepare, since you only need to peel and clean them and just throw them in an oven dish!


The same is for the garlic head, a recipe I saw on television years ago and since then I do it every time I’ m bored to do anything else or if I want to serve grilled bread with an awesome, super easy and natural spread. The honey with the olive oil and the fresh spices work so good together. Sweet and salty roasted veggies and garlic → we love! This time I served my roasted goodies with some grilled zucchini sprinkled with Gruyère cheese and fresh oregano.

Prep. Time: 40 min, Serves 4 people.

2 big parsnips
1 whole garlic head
3 tbsp honey
4 tbsp olive oil
fresh thyme
fresh ground black pepper
sea salt

roasted roasted-5 roasted-4          roasted-3
Peel and clean the parsnips. Cut in 1cm long pieces and put them in an oven dish. Sprinkle with olive oil and honey. Add the spices – thyme, rosemary, pepper, salt – and set in the oven for about 30 min in medium heat to roast.

Check them often and mix with a wooden spoon so that all pieces will be evenly roasted.

Do the same with the garlic head and let it roast also for 25-30 min. Cover with some aluminium foil. When it has cooled down take some grilled bread and just push the garlic cloves with your hands. The inside will be soft and very easy to spread. Enjoy it with some white wine!

(the results below are half eaten 😛 – so good they were I couldn’t stop myself for pictures!)

roasted-12 roasted-10 roasted-8                 roasted-7            roasted-6

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