Spicy Corn Soup

As I read tons of recipes every day (one of my hobbies is also to watch cooking shows for hours, lov’em), I come across many new and exciting ideas. Some are too challenging – but also rewarding – and some are risky. A warm soup is always good for the soul and the stomach. But this recipe looked like it would be a disaster; I am not a big fan of sambal or leaks, my man hates coriander, it all seemed not worth the attempt. Surprisingly (!) we both loved it and have it already on the “must-eat-once-a-month list”.

Trying this recipe for the first time made me think of how important it is to just risk sometimes – not only in cooking – but also in life. Maybe trying something completely different one time and stepping out of your comfort zone for a bit, can be very very rewarding and mostly a great lesson about yourself and your abilities. This simple recipe is dedicated to all the risks, small and big, we take in life. Enjoy!

Spicy Corn SOup-2

Serves up to 4 people, Time needed:10 min.

300 gr corn canned
200 ml fair trade coconut milk
2 big leeks cut in rings
2 tbsp sambal badjak
1 vegetable stock
2 tbsp corn oil
black pepper
1 whole grain baguette
20 gr fresh coriander, also to use in topping and on the side
1 lemon cut in wedges

Spicy Corn SOup-13 Spicy Corn SOup-9 Spicy Corn SOup-14 Spicy Corn SOup-18Spicy Corn SOup-16

Spicy Corn SOup-12
Heat in a medium soup pan the corn oil and fry for 3-4 minutes on medium heat the leeks with the sambal badjak. Let the sambal take out its spiciness and unique flavor.

Add the corn, the coconut milk and the vegetable stock dissolved in 500 ml of warm water. Bring it to a boil and let it cook for 5 minutes.

Cut roughly the coriander, but keep some for topping at the end. Take the pan out of the fire, add the coriander and puree with a wand mixer till smooth.

Serve in plates with some fresh whole grain baguette and add on top some of the leftover coriander. Throw some salt and pepper for extra taste. Keep some lemon wedges and extra coriander on the side.


Spicy Corn SOup-11 Spicy Corn SOup-21 Spicy Corn SOup-24 Spicy Corn SOup-25

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