Pork belly slices with potato puree and roasted carrots

As autumn has come knocking on our doors with cold winds and flushes of rain, we (Mr Kornel and I) decided to make a recipe that prepares you for the cold evenings. Containing carrots and potatoes – typical Dutch winter vegetables – and pork belly slices dipped in delicious gravy, this recipe must enter your food-lists (yeah we do have of those too) for the MUST_COOk recipes of this (surprisingly warm) year. If you gain more than 2 kilos this year, it will NOT be my fault.

Serves up to 4 people, Preparation time: 30-40 mins, Cooking time: 40-50 mins

for the pork belly
5-6 pork belly slices
1 onion in slices
1 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tbsp honey
1 beef gravy pot (Knorr) dissolved in 250 ml warm water
ground black pepper

for the potatoes
5 medium potatoes
1 tbsp butter
300ml sour cream
some milk
fresh basil leaves chopped

for the roasted carrots
8-10 carrots cleaned and peeled
4-5 garlic cloves
olive oil
brown sugar


Begin with the carrots and the potatoes that take most of the preparation time. Clean and peel them good. Take a glass baking pan and throw in the carrots without cutting them in small pieces. Add the peeled garlic cloves, the olive oil and the spices – the rosemary is gold with the carrots, you will remember me when you eat it! – adding some brown sugar at the end. Cover it with aluminum foil and roast in the oven for about 35′. As soon they are brown take out the foil and bake for 5 to 10 more minutes till golden brown.


While the carrots are baking, after you have peeled and cleaned your potatoes, you can even boil them of steam them for 20′ – it is your choice! We prefer to steam them! In the same pan smash them together and add the sour cream, some milk if necessary, salt, pepper and the butter. Mix very well and add at the very end the fresh basil leaves.


Now it is time for the best part! The pork belly slices. Take a medium, deep grill pan and set it in medium to high heat. Do not put any oil, the pork belly will get out its own fat. Bake them till golden brown from both sides, it will take about 6 minutes per side. Throw in some salt and pepper, carefully though, not too much, the rest of the food is already salty Take them out and put them on a plate with kitchen paper underneath.



In the same pan with the leftover juicy fat of the pork, add the onion slices and bake till golden brown, till they are caramelized. After you have dissolved the gravy pot in 250ml of warm water, add it in the pan and let it come to a boil. Add the sesame seeds and the honey. Watch it not to be too thick and at the very end throw in the cooked pork belly slices and let them cook together for about 2-3 minutes!



Serve with some good firm yogurt (or feta :P) and enjoy this delicious, full of different tastes, dish!


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