Baked potatoes with spread

Easy and nice for the winter that is coming, this recipe gives you the freedom to put into the spread anything you want. Using the basic element like the cream cheese to keep the spread firm and tasty, you can add other types of cheese, make it spicy, put some more veggies (steamed or fried), other herbs, tastes and extra ingredients! Think what you like on a baked potato and don’t hesitate to improvise.


4 – 5 big potatoes cleaned

200 gr. crème fraise

200 gr. cream cheese of any type

3 tbsp. parsley

1 onion thinly cut

2 – 3 cloves of parsley

Salt & pepper



Clean the potatoes but don’t peel out their skin.

Cover them with silver foil and put them in the over for 1 hour at 200 C. *You can put some salt in the silver paper to make them even more tasty!

Stick a fork into the potatoes to see if they are ready. If it is easy to stick it then they are, but if it is hard, they need more time in the oven.

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix them together, until they become firm and dissolve with each other. Put some pepper and salt.

When the potatoes are ready take them out and let them cool a bit.

Cut them on top, shaping a cross, so that you open them up.

Spread the cream cheese in the potatoes and serve on a big plate.

Keep the bowl on the table, some might want more!

*This is the kind of recipe you can improvise freely! If you are a fan of the Mediterranean cuisine, you can put some tomatoes and some olives in the spread.

Extra Tip! You can eat aside with the baked potatoes some couscous salad! Enjoy 

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