Stuffed peppers (gemista)

This food many Greeks will recognize it as a typical traditional one. Every one of us has tasted it countless times in his life, is part of our everyday cuisine. Once a month it would be on our table, no matter what. The typical version is with big tomatoes too, except the peppers, but I preferred to show you the pepper one. Easy and simple! You can also put more rice and some tomato juice if you are a vegetarian.


8 – 10 green & red round peppers

1 onion trimmed

500 gr. smashed meat beef

½ cup white rice

Salt & pepper

Some parsley

Olive oil



Put the meat, the rice, the spices and the onion in a bowl, mixing them all together until they become a firm mixture.

Cut the head out of the peppers (the upper part, the “hat”), take their seeds out and place them into a glass oven pan. *Put some salt into each pepper, they will become tastier! CAREFUL! Don’t throw the cups of the peppers, you need them!

Fill each pepper with the mixture, only the 2/3 of the pepper because the rice will absorb water and moist and if you put more, the mixture will overflow.

Pour ½ cup of water into the pan, some olive oil and some extra salt on top.

Let it cook for 2 hours slowly.

You should always take a look if the food needs more water, otherwise it will burn. And if you have a fast oven, then 1 and 30 minutes is enough!

Serve it with feta cheese, you will love the combination!

Bon appétit!

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