Cranberry Mozzarella salad

You will need (for 3 portions):

For the vinaigrette:



2 tbsp orange juice

3tbsp olive oil

For the salad:

300 gr lettuce & rucola salad

1 pck mozzarella cheese

1 small pck fresh mushrooms

200 gr dried cranberries & random nuts


Prepare the vinaigrette on a medium ball and mix it nicely. It is the best if you use a freshly cut orange.

Prefer a freshly cut orange
The orange juice vinaigrette

Put the lettuce & rucola salad and mix it nicely with the vinaigrette.

Cleaned and fresh

Cut the mozzarella cheese (after you have washed it) in square pieces.

Cut it in squares

Wash and cut the mushrooms the same way.

Normal mushrooms will do

Put the dried cranberries with the nuts (as many as you want) on top and mix with a plastic spoon. *Those dried cranberries you can find in the supermarket by themselves or in a mix with several different nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts and almonds. Alternatively you can put the kind of nuts you or your company prefer the most.

The best snack ever!

Enjoy it with a hot cup of Rooibos Orange tea!

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